Group and Private Lessons

All the courses are cancelled for the time being

If interested in private Skype lessons (or FaceTime, Zoom, Whatsapp...) please send email to and just ask more!

Or call+358505177613

And in addition: in case somebody's interested to play any tune (that's somehow possible on a ukulele:) ) please just send me email and I'll work on that and send you my arrangement (tabs, traditional musical notation and recording) as soon as possible!! That's always fun!

Jarmo Julkunen & Helsinki Ukulele Studio have two different small group courses going on spring 2020. Ukulele Levels 1 and 2. Detailed information about courses below.

Important!!! Ukulele Level 1 is for beginners but... It´s often a good idea to have one 30 min private lesson before the course. In this "ukulele taster" one learns effectively which type of a ukulele works out individually to to hold a uke? These short "tasters" are organized on a weekly basis and price is 40€ (incl. vat).

Just call or send Email and hear more!

Normal price for 60 min Private Lesson is 65€ (incl. vat).

Ukulele Level 1

  • learn to read tablature and understand chord charts
  • learn to play the most basic & essential ukulele chords for beginners (also E and Bb chords)
  • learn to play some classic songs!
  • learn most essential strumming patterns
  • learn basic fingerpicking and melody playing

Ukulele Level 2

  • learn more strumming styles and use them for different types of music
  • learn at least two new songs in each lesson
  • learn movable chord shapes and most essential barre chords
  • learn simple melody playing in different positionswe´ll play a lot together and develop our ukulele skills together!!