I played ukulele and vihuela as one of the soloists in the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra at Easter. The link to the concert video will work for 30 days.

The London Symphony Orchestra has released two videos I made on Youtube. Very grateful for this and always very proud of our band Tango Alakulo Ensemble.

I've renewed my YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy of it!

Really like playing Country & Western on a ukulele. This is my own song...or maybe rather some favourite "banjo style" patterns and licks that I just happen to like:)

Here's a new video on my YouTube channel. George Harrison's Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth). Such a current song and always comforting to me. The arrangement's done with "solo jazz piano" style...or that's anyway how I call and describe that:) Using multiple playing / arranging techniques. Strumming, fingerpicking, improvised solos etc.. Hope you like it!

This topical "This is so this" video's produced by our band (play the banjolele) Tango Alakulo Ensemble. In co-operation with my friend and german-finnish writer Roman Schatz and music producers Pauli Rantasalmi and Chris Hill.

Latest News

Year 2019 was fantastic to me as a ukulele player. Had lots of concerts and workshops in Finland. Gigs in Japan, China, Europe, United States etc. Did collaboration with many orchestras… I even got a chance to play as a ukulele soloist of mighty Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra with my band Tango Alakulo
Ensemble in Brussels / Bozar last November.

The year 2020 started with the same style but now… It´s all naturally stopped because of the global pandemic. I´ve been lucky and stayed healthy so far.

Now there's time to practice ukulele and develop new repertoires. Soon in the future I will start publishing new videos both as a player and as a ukulele educator. Ukuleles are not infected and they sure are (at least mine) consolation in these difficult times. It´s just so wonderful to follow social media…players homepages… and to hear and see those marvellous things that ukulele players are doing and streaming from all over the world. Feels like been surrounded with beautiful music and people though there´s darkness outside my windows. I can carry on with that!

Let´s keep on strumming and stay safe and sound! Love to you all from this lockdown capital city of Finland and Helsinki Ukulele Studio!